Strategic Impact Analysis – RADA(R) & KPI’s

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  • Comprehensive strategic review and business impact monitoring
  • Monitor up to 40 (20 + 20) KPI’s / Strategic measures
  • A catalyst for Continuous Improvement
  • Attractive visual plot representation of deviations
  • Suitable for autonomous and group/team use
  • Protected file maintains integrity and security
  • Up to 5 separate benchmarks can be made (time-based or product/service)
  • Compelling – high impact boardroom presentation.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


This useful interactive model monitors any deviation from a given benchmark(s) (strategic intent) for up to 40 attributions (20 + 20). Primarily categorised as ‘Competitive Position’ VOC, from a customers point-of-view and ‘Market Attractiveness’  VOB, from an internal point-of-view. You have the freedom to choose and or modify whatever measures are used in the monitoring programme, making the model highly flexible in its use.

This is a must-have model in our opinion – A catalyst and driver of Continuous Improvement.



This dedicated model is the perfect complement to the RADA(R) methodology (please see charts and desk pad section), it is generic in its application, so you can use it anywhere where you are measuring from a ‘reference’ point, you decide. This model accurately tracks the deviation from a point of reference (good or bad), this could be described as an ‘expected or unplanned’ strategic position (…the delivery of strategic intent) for up to 40 KPI’s. A key feature of the model is that any measured deviation could be either positive or negative depending upon what had triggered the review in the first instance. This makes it perfect for a continuous improvement programme where generated ideas can be screened accordingly or indeed to map the negative effects of market forces (competitor reaction etc.), either way, a pragmatic decision can then be made as the action going forward.

This model is extremly flexible, as such it is equally at home used autonomously or within a multidisciplinary team workshop. It can also be used within executive boardroom presentations to great effect.