PM Cultural Position – Creative Culture Profile

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  • Simple but highly effective Culture Profiling / Management
  • 7 Creative parts and 42 Attributes of measurement.
  • Principles based on a 9-year University research programme.
  • Attributions of measurement can be modified (if required) to meet your exact requirements.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Suitable for business transformation projects.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


The Creativity Profile

Creative thoughts and ideas are a valuable way to improve performance by accommodating and innovating change. Their presence is also a clear indication of the ‘quality’ of the working environment. A person or a group of people who enjoy their work, obtain satisfaction from it and are encouraged to express their ideas freely and openly will tend to be more creative, more productive and feel more secure than when working under constraints and repressions. In turn, because they have the right positive attitude towards their work, problems will be avoided or resolved more easily, new ideas will increase productivity, and so on in a cycle of continuous improvement.

The level of creativity, therefore, becomes a measure of the quality of the working environment. This is called the ‘creative environment’ and its measurement produces a ‘Creative Profile’. In completing the Creativity Profile Questionnaire, the participants gain an understanding of the quality of their existing work situation and how it can be improved.

The Creativity Profile is a subjective snapshot measure of an individual and personal perception of the ‘creative environment’ in which s/he works. It identifies those factors that encourage creativity and those that are inhibiting.

Whilst each profile is a personal assessment when taken together with others from the same workgroup, the combined assessments form a fairly accurate picture of the level of creativity and hence the quality of the work environment.

The completed Profile is a benchmark ‘creativity index’ against which future measurements can be compared and improvements monitored.