PM Cultural Position – Creative Culture Profile

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  • 7 Creative parts and 42 Attributes of measurement.
  • Principles based on a 9-year University research programme.
  • Attributions of measurement can be modified (if required) to meet your exact requirements.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Suitable for business transformation projects.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.
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The Creativity Profile

Creative thoughts and ideas are a valuable way to improve performance by accommodating and innovating change. Their presence is also a clear indication of the ‘quality’ of the working environment. A person or a group of people who enjoy their work, obtain satisfaction from it and are encouraged to express their ideas freely and openly will tend to be more creative, more productive and feel more secure than when working under constraints and repressions. In turn, because they have the right positive attitude towards their work, problems will be avoided or resolved more easily, new ideas will increase productivity, and so on in a cycle of continuous improvement.

The level of creativity, therefore, becomes a measure of the quality of the working environment. This is called the ‘creative environment’ and its measurement produces a ‘Creative Profile’. In completing the Creativity Profile Questionnaire, the participants gain an understanding of the quality of their existing work situation and how it can be improved.

The Creativity Profile is a subjective snapshot measure of an individual and personal perception of the ‘creative environment’ in which s/he works. It identifies those factors that encourage creativity and those that are inhibiting.

Whilst each profile is a personal assessment when taken together with others from the same workgroup, the combined assessments form a fairly accurate picture of the level of creativity and hence the quality of the work environment.

The completed Profile is a benchmark ‘creativity index’ against which future measurements can be compared and improvements monitored.


System Requirements

This software is distributed as a standard WinZip file which contains a ‘.exe’ (executable) file format and requires a suitable Windows based operating system and ‘full’ version of Microsoft Excel (macro enabled) installed and operational on your PC / Mac.

The application (interactive model) will run on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of MS windows and Excel (inc. office 365).



Installation and Security

This interactive model produces secure files that automatically run on MS Excel. The files produced include specific programming (VBA) which in turn has been thoroughly checked for the presence of any viruses /malware / malicious code by; Symantec Norton Antivirus. The distribution file for this software is a .exe file (executable) and includes an embedded ‘signed’ digital certificate for complete authenticity and integrity. Digital signing is based on Microsoft Authenticode technology and ensures that the software is completely genuine – If the software is not genuine or has been tampered with, the operating system and or antivirus program will trigger an appropriate message.

Furthermore, after you install the programme, it will automatically become hardware locked to the computer it was installed upon and any files produced thereafter will once again be hardware locked.

How to install the product after purchase – The following instructions will also be given as part of the order confirmation process.

a) Download and install the program zip file using the secure URL Link.
b) Unzip the file and install the .exe file – double click and follow on-screen instructions.
c) Once the program has been installed, select it from your main program menu (under Arcturus7 Business Models) and follow the ‘on screen’ instructions.
d) You will be prompted for an ‘Unlock Token’ the first time you run the program.
e) To ‘unlock’ the software, please enter your email address followed by a dash ‘-‘ and your Order Number for example;

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