SWOT Analysis – Professional Quality WallChart

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We have produced this unique wallchart in a generic format so it can used as an integral part of a wallchart set or indeed standalone, you decide. As with our other wallcharts it is both highly functional and visually attractive, offering a seriously impressive sight on completion – especially in the boardroom.

In a ‘creative’ workshop environment, we have found that nothing comes close to the use of physical presence of large scale charts, big pens, post-it notes, stickers etc. The workshop ambience / working environment it creates, encourages genuine ‘team think’ and motivational direction, all key ingredients in the production of structured artefacts. The quality of materials used however, do play a big part in the smooth running of the workshop, so we have chosen high quality paper, comprising 190gsm, white, with a smooth silk finish – this ultimately means it’s the perfect charting background offering rigidity and finish for sketching / writing with indelible ink workshop pens etc., the finish is also perfect for the application of Post-it notes as they don’t easily drop off.

If you require a wallchart with even greater levels of robustness, we offer a variant entitled ‘WallPro’ which includes a Gloss Encapsulation (A fine, thin coating of glossy plastic) thus providing a water resistant finish that can be used with water-soluble dry wipe marker pens.

We offer an exclusive (optional) VIP Support / Subject Training for this product. If you decide to add this option… once your order has been accepted / completed, we will contact you via e-mail to arrange a suitable date and time for this delivery.

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