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...Tools and Processes for Strategic Thinkers, Innovators and Direction Setters.

Product Management is a key 'strategic' activity in any business unit - Implement it correctly, Practice it, Master it and the results will follow. For all those involved in this important discipline / process, the responsibility of making clear decisions from pragmatic rationale is a prerequisite in this continuous / perpetual activity.


This unique collective of Best Practice 'tools and processes' complemented with workshop material and software modelling will ensure quality decisions are made in a robust and timely way.


As a business strategist you should demonstrate pragmatism and clarity in everything you do. Rock solid decision making and Communication skills are absolutely fundamental when operating in the Product Management domain. Understanding every nuance about the business, its operational environment, and what needs to happen next, are all fundamental activities that provide 'Strategic Vision'. Needless to say the very essence of leadership is that you have to have good Vision and to have good Vision ultimately means you posses the key attributions of 'knowledge', 'Understanding' and 'Talent'. ...With these abilities, we can deliver Core Competencies.


The PMM Elements section gives you direct access to a library of dedicated tools and processes that have been specifically aligned to the  Product Management task and represent modern day ‘Best Practice’. They can be followed as part of robust management process (such as the PMM ) and is the most effective approach, however all 'elements' within this section can be accessed and used autonomously. This ultimately means they can all be used on a 'as and when' required basis to suit your own application.

There are over 60 best practice tools available (...all mapped for their suitability), accessed by clicking on the appropriate hexagonal section.


Once you reach the intended subject level required, you can choose to purchase / download (if applicable) the 'interactive business model'.

|Tools and Processes - Framework

The following diagram indicates the alignment of the 'Elements' (best practice tools and processes) against the 'Management Phases' - as you can see the 60+ elements included within this section, have been abbreviated in the group headings and likewise with the 30+ core activities under the Management Phases.



Strategic Planning & Processes

Product Life Cycle - Management & Planning Tools

Creativity Tools and Creative Processes

Marketing Planning and Process

Requirements Definition Processes and Activities

Product Management Specialist and Expert Knowledge

Product Management Soft Skills

Product Management - Financial Tools and processes

Product Management - Functional Activities Management and Deployment

Product Management - Innovation Management

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|Importance of Elements - Tools & Processes - Radial Chart

Importance of Elements 'Tools & Processes' Per Mgt. Phase 1- 6

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| PMM Elements - Professional Support