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The business planning framework ensures an efficient and effective way of 'strategically' managing products across the 'product life-cycle'.


The PMM framework ensures that each and every product within a portfolio is managed in a consistent and robust way.  As the product moves seamlessly across the described phases the framework importantly embraces an ethos of 'continuous improvement' whereby the product itself is strategically embraced within a continuous cycle of managed improvement.

PMM - Business Planning Framework - Orientation

|PMM Programme Management and Market Development Planning Framework (Generic)

Programme Management Plan...

TouchPoint Management

Product Programme Plan(s)


Market Development Plan...

TouchPoint Management

Market Solution Plan(s)


Innovation Management Plan...


TouchPoint Management

| Programme Management - Market Development - Strategic Portfolio Management  Vs  Framework Alignment

Product Management as defined, is made up of 3 primary subject areas which in turn are individual disciplines in their own right, entitled:  Programme Management, Market Development and Strategic Portfolio Management.

It is important to note, that the size / structure of a portfolio of Products (...mapped against their aligned Markets) do not change the core fundamentals and generic rationale. Likewise, the physical size of the business unit / Company does not change the overall concept. The ‘Start-up’ or ‘Entrepreneur’, for example has the same 'core disciplines' to manage, but perhaps not to the same depth as a large corporate entity. For the Entrepreneurial start-up the programme management activity may also not be as acute, or as crucial as if you were managing a large traditional portfolio, but the principles and rationale remain absolutely true. Significant benefits can therefore be realised across many areas if we follow method and manage our product portfolio in pragmatic and efficient way.


PMM 'frameworks' have been meticulously developed with an open architectural footprint, this enables you manage your Products / Services across individual 'life-cycles' and are structurally generic and robust for use in 'any' business. Obviously there is no such thing as a 'generic business', they come in all shapes and sizes with their own unique quirks and idiosyncrasies. As such this must be to be taken into account when deploying any management processes - it has to be right for the organisation concerned - a management process that is an incorrect fit or goes against the culture will be badly received and soon fall into disrepute. Senior management must believe in the system / process with a passion and results will undoubtedly flow thereafter.




A. Entrepreneurship Alignment


B. Entrepreneurship Alignment + OEM Product


C. Product Manager Alignment


D. Product Manager Alignment + OEM Product


E. Market Development (Marketing) Mgr. Alignment


G.  P.Mgr + Market Dev. Alignment


H.  P.Mgr + Market Dev. Alignment + OEM Products








Select a PMM framework that aligns with your business / company and meets your planning requirements...

Traditionally 'Product Management' and other related disciplines, do suffer from a level of confusion as to what the role entails. This is because, as a discipline it is multidimensional and complex with many touch-points and various levels of understanding. This is compounded by the fact the discipline  means different things to different Companies. Needless to say, results from a well oiled PM framework are compelling and directly linked to business success. The following generic frameworks will help define a 'valid path' for your own company to follow, in part or full depending upon the need and application.

|Interdependencies  Matrix - Management Phases Vs Tools & Processes

The following images are (actual screen shots) of the massive of the PMM interdependencies matrix. There are currently over 14,000 mapped interdependencies at a generic level - this in turn has enabled us to understand the importance of specific tools and processes, which vary accordingly across the lifecycle of any given product / service.  This by definition represents the 'core' of the PMM Methodology.


This powerful body of knowledge provides us with a unique viewpoint into best practice Product Management . Further analysis of the PMM matrix has enabled us to provide a collective of unique prioritisation graphs used across this website.

We are currently working on a comprehensive Interactive business model, which will include the above matrix and other support matrices. This will represent an excellent 'generic' starting point for understanding the management of products and services in your business. This model will allow for additional content and individual prioritisation.


Please contact us directly to discuss any specific requests regarding the above.

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|Importance of Elements - Tools & Processes

Importance of Elements 'Tools & Processes' Per Mgt. Phase 1- 6

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|Business Planning Framework - Management Phases Vs Tools & Processes

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|Business Planning Frameworks - Professional Support