UECO Canvas Desk Pad

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The ‘UECO’ desk-pad is available in A3 and A2 sizes, with each pad comprising of 25 individual pages of high quality crisp white 150gm paper, aligned and glued on the top edge and mounted on a quality ‘hard back’ board – This pad is produced and assembled with every attention to detail by professional craftsman delivering to the highest level of quality. From a design perspective the pad is a stylish edition to any Product Directors / Managers Desk – both highly practical, and visually pleasing.

‘UECO’ represents, Understand, Explore, Create and Observe. These robust principles are the fundamental core action points of ‘continuous improvement’. This innovative chart aligns the design elements of continuous improvement in the form of RADA(R) Reconnaissance, Alignment, Decide, Act and Repeat and the process action blocks comprising Empathise, Problem Definition, Solution Hypothesis, Experiments, Solution Development, Test and Confirm and Deliver. The synergy of each of these program parts have been integrated into a powerful representation of a time related process – a catalyst of continuous improvement.

The purpose of this desk pad is to promote / align strategic direction with the practicalities of tactical deployment. At a rudimentary level, it encourages creative thinking and forward thinking within a multidisciplinary team and offers clarity and conformance. At each point of the RADA(R) map a summary check list is provided such that measurement KPI’s, repeatability and continuous improvement is instantly realisable. At the base of the sheet we have provided a large area for your notes, additional process elements, idea’s etc.


UECO principles and associated methods listed, represents original work by Steve Heron, IPM Copyright 1995 – 2018.




We have 8 separate designs available now, each satisfying a specific practical purpose. A ‘common’ design theme is delivered throughout and promotes a clean contemporary design. This ultimately means that desk pads can be ‘mixed and matched’ for a specific task and/or management purpose, whilst maintaining a consistent look and feel.

Pads available are:

1. RADAR – Continuous Improvement, Strategic Impact Analysis, Strategic Solution Alignment – Comprehensive PM checklist and tools alignment
2. UECO – Understand, Explore, Create, Observe – Customer Experience Design – Program/Product Management
3. Ideas – Blank (open sketch area), Grid and Priorities Management
4. RADAR – Generic (Open pad – blank) for use across all functional areas
5. Business Canvas – Traditional – Strategic Planning and Alignment
6. Value Proposition – VOC Customer and VOB Business Alignment
7. Radial Journey Map – Comprehensive / Compact UX -UI Journey Mapping – Complete with sticker kit.
8. Persona and UX Mapping – VOC and UX/UI Mapping

Pads are available individually and also as box sets.

From a design perspective, we insisted that only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship are employed. Each desk pad has 25 A3 pages of ‘high quality’ 120gsm FSC approved paper, in turn, uniquely designed 350gsm covers (…embellished with digital white ink) complemented by a 1,350 gsm smoke grey backboard add structural purpose and strong visual appeal. …but our attention to detail didn’t stop with quality material. Furthermore, each Desk Pad has been individually ‘hand-finished’ to meticulous levels of quality in the UK. The overall result is without a doubt, stunning and eminently suited to the task.
In conclusion, our professional desk pad series exhibits the true qualities that embellish the activity of any management executive.

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