Strategic Position Mapping – Situational Analysis

£35.00 excl. VAT




  • 14+ marketing tools in one interactive model – absolutely priceless
  • The best tool available to generate a high impact interactive executive summary
  • Turbo strategic analysis – core strategic marketing tools all completed in approximately 10mins.
  • Slider entry for speed, accuracy and ‘on the fly’ scenario planning
  • A superb tool for individual or team involvement
  • Present to the executive board with confidence
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Bring your multidisciplinary team up to speed, fast!
  • Visually stunning presentation with a sense of real purpose
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


With this strategic business model, you can complete an ‘executive summary’ ready for presentation use, literally in a matter of minutes (…please do remember though, ‘rubbish in’ means ‘rubbish out’!). This model produces a collective of ‘matrix’ positioning/profiling material and provides valuable ‘prescriptive help’ notes /advice on the way, which you can then confidently use in your business presentations.

You can also be assured that you have the ability to run an interactive workshop with the model, whereby you can effectively calibrate your own data (and modify if required) on the fly for an interactive discussion on strategic position/outcome etc. …you have complete control – absolutely priceless.

In practice, once you have run through the model and calibrated your own thinking, you will typically have over an hour’s worth of core strategic alignment content that you can present to anyone, putting you well and truly in the driving seat.