RADA(R) Self-Adhesive Stickers for Whiteboards, Flipcharts and Notebooks

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High quality/definition pre-cut stickers. The RADA(R) loop has been printed on self-adhesive (sticker) PVC.

  • Internal and External RADAR
  • 24 x RADA(R) Stickers (3 sizes)
  • 1 x RADA(R) activity symbols sheet (Strategic Intent, Reset, Impact Analysis Grid, etc.)
  • High-Quality Durable Product
  • Pre-cut for ease of use
  • Most suitable for Whiteboards / Flip Charts
  • Stickers are suitable for your notebook – helping with strategic thinking and rationale
  • Available in ‘Clear’ or ‘White’ self-adhesive back film




RADA(R) is an acronym standing for Reconnaissance, Alignment, Decide, Act and (R)eview/ Repeat. RADAR is without doubt a powerful catalyst for continuous improvement and its visual simplicity truly belies its real world practical application. The ‘process’ route of this methodology is a systematic progression in a clockwise direction into each individual section represented by the sectional header of R-A-D-A-(R).

Reconnaissance (Situational Intelligence) is a pro-active Market Research Study. Importantly, the market intelligence activity is bi-directional (both inward and outward) from the Company as we need to gather information about the Marketing Environment and test/validate new ideas. The outcome of this section is an ‘evidence based’ observation trigger / market requirement.

Following Reconnaissance, representative of a delta observation that has in turn triggered RADA(R) is passed to Alignment (Strategic Alignment) for Impact Analysis. The interpretation of Situational Information would primarily be against a previously agreed set of Objectives / KPI’s. A specific interactive business model is available for this activity if required.

Following the Strategic Alignment activity whereby the Impact Analysis Study’a has qualified the associated delta. This may include, Strategic Opportunities, Weaknesses and/or Threats. The analysis is presented for ‘Solution Hypothesis’ (Decide) to Decide what action to take going forward. This activity may include: Product / Solution planning and budget requirements, alignment and agreement of Strategic Objectives and the formulation of Strategies to achieve the Objectives.

Following the decision to Proceed after the ‘Decide’ activity, a Project Solution is then undertaken as specific project Action (Tactical Action). Action depends upon the internal product / service offering, but typically may include Development and Operational activities followed by the ‘deployment’ of the actual solution.
RADA is then appropriately followed by Review / Reset/ Repeat activity – Which of course completes that particular increment / cycle of improvement and or planned strategic advantage.
A simple but a highly effective methodology which is immensely powerful and activity based…

The RADAR desk pad is an invaluable addition to a directors / managers arsenal of management tools, …it’s always there to capture, analyse and manage at every step of the way – no matter what the ‘Issue’, ‘Problem’ or ‘Opportunity’. …A catalyst of continuous improvement.

We’ve produced this unique, high quality RADAR sticker set (pre-cut) for use on wallcharts / presentation boards/ Notebooks etc. in a generic format so it can used as an integral part of a wallchart set or indeed standalone, you decide. As with our wallcharts it is both highly functional and visually attractive, offering a seriously impressive sight on completion – especially in the boardroom.

In a ‘creative’ workshop environment, we have found that nothing comes close to the use of physical presence of large scale charts, big pens, post-it notes, stickers etc. The workshop ambience / working environment it creates, encourages genuine ‘team think’ and motivational direction, all key ingredients in the production of structured artefacts. The quality of materials used however, do play a big part in the smooth running of the workshop, so we have chosen high quality paper, comprising 190gsm, white, with a smooth silk finish – this ultimately means it’s the perfect charting background offering rigidity and finish for sketching / writing with indelible ink workshop pens etc., the finish is also perfect for the application of Post-it notes as they don’t easily drop off.

We offer an exclusive (optional) VIP Support / Subject Training for this product. If you decide to add this option… once your order has been accepted / completed, we will contact you via e-mail to arrange a suitable date and time for this delivery.

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