Quality Function Deployment – QFD2000 Pro

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QFD2000 is a professional software program for managing your QFD project. QFD has been in the ‘quality toolbox’ for over 30 years and remains an important element in the DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) toolkit today – thus standing the test of time with it’s robust approach. QFD2000 covers all aspects and requirements of a typical QFD project and is an autonomous / standalone windows (.exe) program. Simply feed with product / service requirements the software will automatically produce a series of interlinked matrices leading to robust product requirements definition and prioritised measurement targets. QFD2000 is an ‘old favourite’ of ours, robust in its operation however is getting slightly long in the tooth! – …it’s still 100% better than trying to use a spreadsheet to do the same job and it performs incredibly well against any of the current competition – please enjoy this little gem as it can be used for many uses.

Please Note: Technical Support for this software program is limited. This product was originally developed for previous generations of MS Windows, however the program itself will work satisfactorily, without problems / issues in most versions MS Windows (in compatibility mode). We have thoroughly tested the product in compatibility mode and we confirm that it is fully operational with only minor style issues reported. In view of the above, QFD2000 program is installed and used at your own risk and understanding of the limitations of compliance.


QFD2000 Pro is a software program for managing the process of requirements definition. It follows a true to form and highly respected process known as QFD.

‘QFD is a methodology used for structured product planning and development – it enables the product development team to clearly specify the customer’s needs and wants against how it is to be achieved. Each proposed feature is then systematically evaluated in terms of its impact within the overall product design.’

Quality Functional Deployment (QFD) is a method that promotes structured product planning and development – enabling the product development team to clearly specify and evaluate the customer’s needs and wants against how it could measure (CTQ – ‘Critical to Quality’) and then achieve in the form of a solution.

The methodology and QFD2000 takes the design team through the concept, creation and realisation phases of a new product with absolute focus. QFD also helps define what the end user is really looking for in the way of market driven features and benefits – it lists customer requirements, in the language of the Customer and helps you translate these requirements into appropriate new product characteristics.

The use of QFD can help you identify design objectives that reflect the needs of real Customers. Identifying design objectives from a customers point of view ensures that customers interests and values is created in the phases of the product innovation process. It can also promote an evolutionary approach to product innovation by carefully evaluating from both market and customer perspectives, the performance of preceding products.