Perceptual Position Mapping – Benchmarking

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  • Unique Multi-dimensional Product Positioning.
  • Powerful Mapping / Benchmarking.
  • Compelling strategic rationale.
  • Identify a route to competitive advantage.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


The perceptual position model is a unique and comprehensive mapping / benchmarking tool that measures the Rational Performance and Emotional Benefit criteria of a product or service. The principles behind this model are based on the rationale that products/services are consumed in a given market and align to two primary deliverables; Rational Performance and Emotional Benefit.

How well the product/service meets the market requirement is directly related to how well the product is positioned in the mind of the customer against competing offers. If we describe the attributions of measurement we then have a tool/method to accurately map and identify a route to competitive advantage. This model enables you to use up to 40 attributes of measurement (20 + 20) and appropriately set the ‘importance’ of those attributions (mathematical ‘weight’).