Interactive Business Model Set – Complete

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The ‘complete collection’ includes all 23 Interactive Business Models at a special (bundle) price and is certain to prove to be an extremely valuable collection for anyone working in the strategic business planning environment.

The ‘Interactive Business Model Series’ is a unique collection of business models covering the core elements of ‘best practice strategic management’. For maximum user flexibility and integration each model utilises the universally acclaimed Microsoft Excel platform. They can be used autonomously as a compelling ‘standalone’ model or integrated with other models in the series to form a powerful ‘strategic management toolkit’.  In addition to presented data and info graphics produced as standard, you also have direct access to input /output data from within the model, so it’s easy to integrate to your own Excel workbooks/worksheets, enabling the business model to become an integrated part of your own planning tools, adding true operational value and flexibility.

Each model within this series is designed to be ‘easy to use’ / understand and results in strong visual impact and compelling rationale when presented. Those involved in this process feel eminently comfortable and at home with the visual presentation as it encourages positive discussions thereafter. Furthermore, our prescriptive comments (as appropriate) have been embedded within each model which helps the user/team dimension related strategic rationale.

Your own data (inputs) are entered in a logical process and typically followed by a scoring rationale to complete the exercise. With your own data at hand, this can literally be completed in a matter of minutes. Strategic scenarios/outcomes can then be delivered and/or interactively challenged to meet an agreed position via a multidisciplinary team and or management team.

The Interactive Business Model set is a perfect companion to the DeskPad set.


Please contact us directly if you require a dedicated set for your Business / Company – This would include OEM variants / additional artwork and your own Logo’s etc.



AHP - Consistency Analysis

Professional Business Modelling for...



  • Accurate consistency check of stakeholder listing
  • Up to 10 attributions accepted in listing
  • Pairwise comparison modelling principles confirm the original decision rationale
  • Model accepts a mix of Quantitative and Qualitative measures / attributions
  • Suitable for autonomous and/or team workshop use
  • Automatically presents % weight of each attribute if the analysis consistency is >90%
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.

This model follows the understood principles of AHP (analytical hierarchy process) a statistical process for determining the % weight (or importance) to be applied to a set of prioritised attributes.

The AHP Process is based on a Pairwise comparison between competing alternatives. Pairwise comparison reduces the number of factors that you have to consider at any one time to be able to assign a relative importance weight or decision.

The AHP model allows for both 'objective' and 'subjective' factors to be analysed together.

Consistency in the judgement of the scoring can be derived and the quality of the scoring process evaluated for any inconsistencies. This provides assurance that good quality decisions are made.

This model is based on the original method by : Prof. Thomas L. Saaty

Ansoff Matrix Analysis


  • Easy to use commercial risk analysis ~ powerful visual mapping program
  • Analyse up to 16 products/services - enables portfolio mapping & direction setting
  • Compelling strategic planning - identify high-risk products
  • Attributes of measurement (6 + 6) the default settings can be changed to meet your own requirements
  • The model can be used with forecasting activities to determine expected product sales
  • An integral part of commercial risk management studies.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.

This popular Interactive Model is at its core is a representation of the traditional Ansoff matrix, with the addition of a more structured approach when it comes to the allocated position on the matrix. As such it promotes a more accurate approach to be reached. First the Product and Market dimensions are broken down into 6 attributes (which can be modified if required) per category meaning overall we measure 12 attributions (6 + 6) which are then weighted in terms of their relative importance. Up to 16 Products / Services can be entered into this model, as such a comprehensive positioning map can be produced detailing the degree of commercial risk each product (within a portfolio) has on the company - Furthermore each plot can have a third dimension whereby the size of the plot itself can represent Revenue / Profit/ Volume. Overall this is an extremely useful strategic planning tool and offers a compelling presentation to support your strategic rationale.

In common with the Interactive model series, this model can be used autonomously or part of the strategic planning set. It is a great tool for individual planning activities or a full blown strategic workshop where group calibration and understanding is required.

Decision Making & Analysis


  • Easy to use professional decision-making algorithm.
  • Make structured decisions between 5 alternatives against 10 measured attributions.
  • Automatically calculates/presents the percentage allocation of order.
  • Present compelling decision and positioning rationale.
  • Can be used to prioritise the agile development backlog.
  • Autonomous / Workshop use.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


This highly effective, interactive business model makes 'decision making' an absolute breeze. Every step of the decision-making process can be checked, reviewed or questioned at any time, so if you need to explain how you reached a particular decision you just need to present your strategic rationale invite an audience and take them through it step by step. You could even get the executive team to calibrate your thinking in a live presentation environment.


Features and Benefit Analysis - Kano


  • Paired Question analysis of Product / Service Features.
  • Basic, Performance and Innovative features identified for products and services.
  • Autonomous and/ or live workshop use - compelling Feature and Benefit analysis.
  • Identification and management of competitive advantage.
  • Use in conjunction with product pricing and forecasting strategy activities.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


The Features and Benefits model utilises 'paired analysis' in the form of sliders (which physically aligns to one of five pre-set questions) to quickly ascertain its alignment to one of the three attributes of the Kano model (Basic, Performance and Innovative). Why is this important? ...Having the ability to recognise a product or service deficiency becomes a powerful strategic tool. For example, after analysis a 'Product' with no identified Innovative (exciting) features, but still has a collective of Performance and Basic Features, is fundamentally destined to compete on Price because all its features are available on competing products. Following this observation strategic actions can accordingly be put in place. The F&B model therefore becomes a powerful and integrated part of strategic planning activities and harmonious with continuous improvement.


Idea / Creative Management


  • Pragmatic management and screening of ideas.
  • Most suitable for creative workshop use.
  • Autonomous / creative team use.
  • Includes comprehensive screening matrices.
  • Integrated Ansoff Matrix analysis.
  • Idea stretching and generation methods.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


The Idea Management model provides a quick and easy way to log, screen and generate further ideas. Simple but really effective. It can be used from an autonomous (individuals) point of view or within a multidisciplinary team in a creative workshop.  This model will accept up to 30 ideas in one creative session - If more ideas are generated another file could be created and run in parallel.

After your ideas have been logged the screening process begins this is a process of moving sliders to the appropriate position. The first screen is  Idea Attractiveness (from a customer perspective - low to high attractiveness) The second screen is the Innovative Position (from an internal perspective - low to high strategic fit). The third and fourth screen is fundamentally an Ansoff screen. The resultant position of the two matrix sets will determine which idea is passed forward for further study or selection. Additional stretch matrices in the form of 'WWWWWH', interdependencies matrix , Segmentation Analysis and 'SCAMPER' are embedded processes that potentially develop more ideas in an iterative loop process.


McKinsey Strategic 7s - Strategic Alignment



  • 7 Strategic elements and 42 Attributes of measurement.
  • Principles-based McKinsey Strategic analysis programme.
  • Attributions of measurement can be modified (if required) to meet your exact requirements.
  • Suitable for business transformation projects.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.

MFP Strategic Analysis - BCG / GE / Shell - Matrix Analysis


  • Essential for Product Life Cycle Management.
  • Easily Produce the GE, BCG, Shell, Strategic Policy matrix.
  • Quick, Easy and compelling modelling.
  • For autonomous (individual) and/or group use.
  • Analyse up to 16 products/services at a time.
  • Strategic advice/comments provided for a given product position.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


MFP - Multi-Factor Positioning. This comprehensive but easy to use model is used to determine a 'products' life-cycle position and is an essential purchase for anyone involved in a 'strategic product management' position. Up to 16 products (or product groups) from a portfolio can be analysed using this model. If you require additional products this can be achieved by running a separate file in parallel. In addition the MFP model can also be used to analyse up 16 market segments against a given product. So once again the model can be run several times to cover different variations of situational analysis. Included in this model and to complement the derived positioning from the analysis, are suggested ways forward / strategic possibilities.

In common with all of our interactive business model series, this model can be populated by an individual and the 'strategic rationale'  can be derived from that analysis and acted upon accordingly (this is very useful for determining the most sensitive attributes). However, this model comes into its own when used within a team /workshop environment, as subjective elements are aligned and calibrated by the team. ...everyone in that particular workshop aligns with the agreed situational positioning and the analysis that follows becomes more clear and aligned with strategic intent - very compelling indeed. This model is an excellent tool to discuss the core aspects of Life-Cycle management.

Included in this model is a collection of well known strategic matrices:

- BCG Matrix
- Strategic Policy Matrix
- GE Matrix
- Directional Policy Matrix
- Business Risk Matrix

Perceptual Position Mapping - Benchmarking


  • Unique Multi-dimensional Product Positioning.
  • Powerful Mapping / Benchmarking.
  • Compelling strategic rationale.
  • Identify a route to competitive advantage.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


The perceptual position model is a unique and comprehensive mapping / benchmarking tool that measures the Rational Performance and Emotional Benefit criteria of a product or service. The principles behind this model are based on the rationale that products/services are consumed in a given market and align to two primary deliverables; Rational Performance and Emotional Benefit.

How well the product/service meets the market requirement is directly related to how well the product is positioned in the mind of the customer against competing offers. If we describe the attributions of measurement we then have a tool/method to accurately map and identify a route to competitive advantage. This model enables you to use up to 40 attributes of measurement (20 + 20) and appropriately set the 'importance' of those attributions (mathematical 'weight').


Perceptual Position Mapping - EBRP (20+20)


  • Practical and pragmatic mapping of ‘Emotional Benefit‘ and ‘Rational Performance‘ attributions
  • Powerful benchmarking, product positioning and value proposition in one model…
  • Visually impressive and compelling analysis rationale – up to ’20 + 20′ weighted attributions.
  • Up to 5 products/services can be benchmarked and accurately mapped.
  • Excellent for autonomous use or team learning / calibration workshops.
  • Identify ‘real’ competitive advantage opportunities and measurable KPI’s.
  • Present a powerful unique product / service position mapping with clarity.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


Perceptual Position Mapping - is a positioning model (for Products and Services) that enables us from a practical point of view describe and understand via 20 + 20 'emotional benefit' and 'rational performance' attributes of measurement. Each of the attributes can be individually weighted from a customer / user perspective which in turn enable us to represent an accurate resultant position. for maximum flexibility is not mandatory to use each of the 20 + 20 attributes of measurement, you can choose the number of critical measures (up to 40) used in the model, as and when required.

The model benchmarks individual product fit against a customer / stakeholder requirement. Each customer requirement comprising of up to 40 attributions of measurement ( split between Emotional Benefit and Rational Performance) is first weighted in terms of how important the attribution is from a customer perspective. Then each product (to be benchmarked) is checked against each attribute and a corresponding slider is positioned to represent the %  fit. After the individual products have been benchmarked a consolidation page then calculates the % weighted fit against the reference profile as generated by the Customer.

Methodology conceived and developed by; Steve Heron, IPM, 2008

Personality Profile / Persona Mapping & Analysis


  • Easy to use core personality profiling model.
  • Perfect for Persona Mapping.
  • Accurate observational profiling - Attractive.
  • 36 Paired Personality Traits ~ Filtered Constituents.
  • Powerful Individual and/or Team Profiling.
  • Original research - content (9-year research programme) by Mr. Jeff Cartwright & Application by Mr. Steve Heron.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


This model enables us to measure 'positive' and 'negative' traits which are then presented as a 'personality profile' in the form of a radial chart for further analysis. The process can be repeated over a period of time and the results recorded so that variations can be seen/acknowledged. A separate analysis is also provided in the form of Strengths and Issues, whereby the top 8 of each is provided.

The model itself is very easy to use and enables the user/team using this model to have complete (direct) control over the relative position of 36 individual slider entries, which in turn is representative of a considered position. Subsequent measures of the subject then become a 'delta' on the original measure which is highlighted accordingly. If you have ever wanted to profile the 'personality' of a team this is the model to do just that. Up to 6 individual members of a team can be added with the result presented as a team profile. So when you have a team that performs well, it can be 'measured' and then used as a mask and or measures within strategic KPI's

PEST Analysis Model


  • Easy to use - Compelling visual / interactive results.
  • Built in Analysis for each (PEST) element.
  • Strategic Impact Analysis against the Market Environment.
  • Comprehensive market environment mapping.
  • Autonomous and/or Team workshop use
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


PEST Analysis is considered a 'marketing classic' and is used for primarily for mapping the marketing environment/understanding the dimensions of the ‘marketing environment’.

PEST analysis (also known as PESTEL when extended with eco and legal elements) is part of a ‘situational analysis’ activity and is an essential model for understanding Political, Economic, Social, and Technological attributions.

This innovative business model fundamentally follows the traditional PEST principles, but with some important additions/interpretations. It now takes the analysis to the next level, enabling us to pragmatically capture the multi-dimensional aspects of the market environment, with the added ability to add an appropriate weight to each attribute and then consider whether it has a positive or negative impact / affect on the business itself - simple but incredibly effective. Working autonomously or as part of a team, the visual representation of the marketing environment is simply stunning and typically results in the immediate understanding of key issues and opportunities thereafter.

The PEST process itself is used to determine the overall level of ‘commercial risk’ the business is potentially going to be subjected to (on a per market segment basis) and whether that risk is too great for the company to compete. Using this interactive model the exercise will be completed with efficiency and effectiveness. An accurate strategic decision can then be made accordingly.

Needless to say, this is an important addition to the strategic planners' toolkit and as such is ideally suited to anyone tasked with strategic thinking exercises/plans.

PM Cultural Position - Creative Culture Profile



  • Simple but highly effective Culture Profiling / Management
  • 7 Creative parts and 42 Attributes of measurement.
  • Principles based on a 9-year University research programme.
  • Attributions of measurement can be modified (if required) to meet your exact requirements.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Suitable for business transformation projects.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.

Porters 5 Forces Analysis


  • Faithfully represents the core principles of Porters 5 forces.
  • Produces a visual map of the 5 forces relative to your Product/Service.
  • Compelling strategic rationale.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • For autonomous or team workshop use.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.

Product Forecast - Assumption Based Forecasting


  • Structured assumption based forecast model - Pragmatic, logical and presentable.
  • An algorithm based - 4 structured filters with 5 weighted attributions (can be changed).
  • Easy to use with precision slider entry - simplicity personified.
  • A strategic management core tool.
  • Autonomous and/or team Workshop use.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Compelling in live presentations.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.

Product Marketing Mix Analysis - 4 Core Elements


  • A marketing classic with a modern twist.
  • Ability to set your own marketing KPI's.
  • 4P's Marketing Mix Screen.
  • Profile up to 5 Products against - 4P's and 20 Attributes.
  • Easy to use - Pragmatic and visually attractive marketing 4p's analysis.
  • Can be used as a regular check/screen on your portfolio.
  • Autonomous and/or group workshop.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.

A marketing classic that has indeed stood the test of time. For many years it has been regarded as the core principles of marketing. It remains an extremely useful way of understanding the dynamics and critical success factors around successful products and corresponding 'management'.

This model uses appropriate attributes to describe a collective of marketing elements (4 P's), these can be changed at any time as required. Attributes can be weighted accordingly and presented against other products (up to 5) in a portfolio. In total, 20 attributes can be measured/monitored across the 4P's, but all of these can be changed for your own KPI's to be measured.

In the final analysis, each element is presented as a weighted % fit to a preordained importance target, this in turn is presented in visual form via radial charts. The presentation is most suitable for executive boardroom use.

Product Positioning 20A



  •  5x Benchmarks (your 1x Product and 4x Competitor).
  • Up to 20 Attributes of Measurement - Completely Open.
  • Attributes can be a mix of 'Emotional' and 'Rational Performance'
  • Accurate % Fit against reference profile.
  • Ideal for group discussion - strategic alignment & discussion.
  • Delivers clarity in the Business Planning environment.
  • Supports a Continuous Improvement Benchmarking ethos.
  • Most suitable for business transformation projects.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.


Product Viability Model - Financial Planner


  • Professional Financial Model - Easily calculate product viability and payback.
  • Financial Scenario Analysis - (what if....) on 10+ variables and critical success factors.
  • Easy and compelling scenario modeling for best and worst case analysis.
  • Cumulative Discounted Cash-flow analysis - visual plots.
  • Ratio analysis - 12 pre-set and 4 user configurable.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Ideal for autonomous / team workshop use - produce high impact presentations.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.

This is an essential business model for any business developing and managing products throughout their product lifecycle. This powerful Financial Model enables a comprehensive array of financial data to be entered regarding a proposed 'new' Product (or existing products if the life-cycle analysis is required). On completion, the model enables you to put forward a compelling set of results... for Strategizing throughout the lifecycle, you will find this model absolutely perfect.

...simply enter your market / financial data into the entry fields and the model will produce a comprehensive set of cashflow / discounted cashflow predictions, a full summary of results to include ratios, together with the opportunity to check best and worst case scenarios (made up of 10 variables) simply by moving control sliders. Understanding when payback will take place and the predicted value of cashflow, profit and the associated surplus is calculated in minutes. Quite simply one of the most powerful financial analysis tools available.

This model is an invaluable tool for anyone involved with 'new product development' (particularly hardware type products but not exclusively), 'product management' and 'market development'. The innovation 'entrepreneur' will also find this tool immensely useful.


Programme / Product Screen


  • Easy to use - Simplicity in its form ~ compelling strategic results.
  • Comprehensive Programme Screen - Best Practice.
  • Directors Checklist - multi-dimensional commercial position and alignment.
  • This model could be the only 'executive summary' you ever need!
  • 6 key areas and 72 weighted attributions of measurement / KPI's  (all attributions and importance weights can be changed).
  • For autonomous / team workshop use - calibration and learning opportunities.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Provides a clear overview of commercial targets and KPI's.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.

Segmentation Matrix - Mapping



  •  Includes 2 sets of 5x Interconnected (30x30) drop down matrices - for systematic 'segmentation' mapping.
  • 3x colour co-ordinated prioritisation levels for visual mapping of segments.
  • Ideal for group discussion - strategic alignment & discussion.
  • Delivers clarity in the Business Planning environment.
  • Suitable for business transformation projects.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.

Strategic Impact Analysis - RADA(R) & KPI's



  • Comprehensive strategic review and business impact monitoring
  • Monitor up to 40 (20 + 20) KPI's / Strategic measures
  • A catalyst for Continuous Improvement
  • Attractive visual plot representation of deviations
  • Suitable for autonomous and group/team use
  • Protected file maintains integrity and security
  • Up to 5 separate benchmarks can be made (time-based or product/service)
  • Compelling - high impact boardroom presentation.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


This useful interactive model monitors any deviation from a given benchmark(s) (strategic intent) for up to 40 attributions (20 + 20). Primarily categorised as 'Competitive Position' VOC, from a customers point-of-view and 'Market Attractiveness'  VOB, from an internal point-of-view. You have the freedom to choose and or modify whatever measures are used in the monitoring programme, making the model highly flexible in its use.

This is a must-have model in our opinion - A catalyst and driver of Continuous Improvement.


Strategic Position Mapping - Situational Analysis




  • 14+ marketing tools in one interactive model - absolutely priceless
  • The best tool available to generate a high impact interactive executive summary
  • Turbo strategic analysis - core strategic marketing tools all completed in approximately 10mins.
  • Slider entry for speed, accuracy and 'on the fly' scenario planning
  • A superb tool for individual or team involvement
  • Present to the executive board with confidence
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Bring your multidisciplinary team up to speed, fast!
  • Visually stunning presentation with a sense of real purpose
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


With this strategic business model, you can complete an 'executive summary' ready for presentation use, literally in a matter of minutes (...please do remember though, 'rubbish in' means 'rubbish out'!). This model produces a collective of 'matrix' positioning/profiling material and provides valuable 'prescriptive help' notes /advice on the way, which you can then confidently use in your business presentations.

You can also be assured that you have the ability to run an interactive workshop with the model, whereby you can effectively calibrate your own data (and modify if required) on the fly for an interactive discussion on strategic position/outcome etc. have complete control - absolutely priceless.

In practice, once you have run through the model and calibrated your own thinking, you will typically have over an hour's worth of core strategic alignment content that you can present to anyone, putting you well and truly in the driving seat.

SWOT Analysis Model



  • Modern interactive SWOT Analysis - Content KPI's and analysis in one place.
  • Visual (SWOT matrix plots) compelling analysis with an clear attractive output.
  • Strategic help comments / suggestions - describe analysis position.
  • 15 Attributions / descriptors per category.
  • Use model to identify business / product  KPI's and critical success factors.
  • Unique 'Internal' and External' viewpoints (Market Attractiveness / Competitive Position).
  • Threats conclude as a Risk assessment matrix - Severity Vs Probability.
  • Multidisciplinary Team / Workshop friendly - Motivational and Inspiring.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.
  • Download, install and use immediately after purchase.


This unique interactive model captures both ‘internal’ and ‘external’ attributes from the commercial environment - traditionally described and known as a 'SWOT Analysis' this model takes the process to the next level, whereby a 'risk assessment' becomes an integrated part of the analysis. The model enables appropriate analysis of the compiled Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats which in turn leads, in part, to the formulation of a Product / Service strategy.

This simple but highly effective interactive model guides the multidisciplinary team (if required) through a modern approach to SWOT Analysis with added efficiency and effectiveness - results from this model can then be interactively presented live to executives for added calibration - results are most compelling and professional.

TRIZ - 40 Inventive Principles ~ Contradiction Algorithim


This model follows the traditional principles of TRIZ.

  • Easy to use - providing an innovative  route to inspiration.
  • Powerful results based upon proven research.
  • Simply select the feature you want to improve and then select the contradiction - the model indicates the most suitable inventive principle to use.
  • Easy integration with your own Spreadsheets / Workbooks.


'The theory of inventive problem solving is based upon extensive research into real inventions. The research focused on the most significant of those inventions - where the solution to the problem was not entirely obvious and required no trade-offs. The results of which revealed that inventors worldwide sub-consciously applied a common technique - TRIZ brings together these techniques and combines them with very practical methods.'


TRIZ is ideal for;

• Inventive Problem Solving
• Value Engineering
• Technology Forecasting
• Generation of Innovative Solutions.
• New Product Ideas.
• Product Marketing Strategy.
• Strategic Planning.
• Genuine Innovative products.
• Enhanced innovation skills throughout the product team.
• Reduced time to market.
• Clear Message - Improved Communications.
• Easy to understand - Strategy understood at all levels.
• Improved cross functional communications.
• Improved quality, safety and reliability.

Based on the original method and material by : Genrich Altshuller the creator of Triz.

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