Business Unit Model Set – 12 Month Update & Support License

£2,500.00 excl. VAT

Annual update/Support Plan

The IPM Business Model Set (30 individual models) is available as a perpetual software licence. Once purchased, the Business Model set can be used in perpetuity thereafter and includes any updates FoC within a 12-month period. The annual support plan provides a further 12-month of updates and support thereafter.

Note: The BU support license is only available as an update to the originally purchased model set and remains valid for a fixed period of 12-Months. 

Ongoing support for this ‘update’ model set is restricted to periodic software updates of the individual models only on an as-when-required basis. From a logistics point of view, the frequency and number of formal updates can be agreed as appropriate. Once the 12months support period has ended – updated business models up to that point in time can be used in perpetuity thereafter.

Please note: if additional training and awareness is required after software enhancements, this will be covered via a separate programme and purchased separately.



A dedicated interactive model set update & support for 12 months from the point of delivery and could be extended thereafter.

‘Licence and Support’ per 12-month period for the Business Model set, to include updates and support per Business Unit

The ‘Interactive Business Model Series’ is a unique collection of business models covering the core elements of ‘best practice strategic management’. For maximum user flexibility and integration each model utilises the universally acclaimed Microsoft Excel platform. They can be used autonomously as a compelling ‘standalone’ model or integrated with other models in the series to form a powerful ‘strategic management toolkit’.  In addition to presented data and info graphics produced as standard, you also have direct access to input /output data from within the model, so it’s easy to integrate to your own Excel workbooks/worksheets, enabling the business model to become an integrated part of your own planning tools, adding true operational value and flexibility.

Each model within this series is designed to be ‘easy to use’ / understand and results in strong visual impact and compelling rationale when presented. Those involved in this process feel eminently comfortable and at home with the visual presentation as it encourages positive discussions thereafter. Furthermore, our prescriptive comments (as appropriate) have been embedded within each model which helps the user/team dimension-related strategic rationale.

Your own data (inputs) are entered in a logical process and typically followed by a scoring rationale to complete the exercise. With your own data at hand, this can literally be completed in a matter of minutes. Strategic scenarios/outcomes can then be delivered and/or interactively challenged to meet an agreed position via a multidisciplinary team and or management team.

The Interactive Business Model set is a perfect companion to the DeskPad set.