Interactive Business Model Series

Innovative Business Modelling for Product Directors, Managers, Leaders and Strategists.

The ‘Interactive Business Model Series’ is a collection of superlative business models that cover the core elements of best practice strategic management.

Each model within this series is designed to be  ‘easy to use’ / understand and results in strong visual impact and compelling rationale when presented. Those involved in this process feel eminently comfortable and at home with the visual presentation as it encourages positive discussions thereafter. Furthermore, our prescriptive comments (as appropriate) have been embedded within each model which helps the user/team dimension related strategic rationale.

Your own data (inputs) are entered in a logical process and typically followed by a scoring rationale to complete the exercise. With your own data at hand, this can literally be completed in a matter of minutes. Strategic scenarios/outcomes can then be delivered and/or interactively challenged to meet an agreed position via a multidisciplinary team and or management team.

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Showing 1–16 of 23 results