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Arcturus7|PMM is a knowledge base for Product Management professionals - Business Directors, Entrepreneurs, Product Managers, Market Development Managers. The content within represents a superlative collection of 'best practice' methods, tools and processes aligned to contemporary business requirements. 


Described in some detail, the Product Management Methodology (PMM™) framework is a robust, holistic approach to Product Management. The structure itself is entirely flexible and ensures a perfect fit/alignment to virtually any size company, from individual entrepreneurs to the large corporate entity. In practice, it's good to know that even if you are managing a single product or a large dynamic portfolio with hundreds or even thousands of products, it's the same generic framework methodology, the rationale remains robust and valid - essentially making the framework future proof. Furthermore, for the ultimate level of process flexibility, you have direct access to individual 'PMM - Elements' where you can dip in and out of the individual tools and as and when required. 




A compendium of innovative tools and method based processes offering a robust and holistic approach to professional Product Management.


A7 PMM is an unrivaled  body of knowledge. You now have direct access to one of the most comprehensive collectives of well proven practical PM methods. can quickly navigate through every aspect of the Product Management discipline with absolute confidence.


Designed with our core values in mind - Simplicity, Purpose and Clarity.


Interactive Business Models

The ‘Interactive Business Model Series’ is a collection of superlative business models covering the core elements of 'best practice strategic management'.


…resources to engage strategic thinking, drive continuous improvement and deliver competitive advantage.

     Pro-Workshop Material

  • Dedicated Wallcharts for Team Communication
  • High Quality A3 & A2 Desk Pads  
  • Workshop Stationary
  • Measurement Devices
  • Activity Kits

Product Management Training

...Over 30 years of unrivaled Product Management Training based on well-grounded 'first principles' - Innovative, complete and strategically aligned to modern methods.

All of our training courses include generic key concepts and complemented with interactive business model software (included as part of the course). This unique and powerful combination of theory, including new/unique techniques, and practical application ultimately translates into reality and you can start putting learned techniques into practice immediately after the course.

     Professional Support

  • Professional ‘On-demand’ Consultant support
  • 1 – 1 or live workshop Consultant / Facilitation support.
  • Flexible time allocation – flexible booking in 1Hr. time slots
  • Independent alignment/calibration when – Strategic Planning, Programme Management, Market Research, Competitive Benchmarking.





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'...a superlative portfolio of innovative 'Products and Services' designed to meet the rigours and requirements of modern Product Management'


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