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Product Management Methodology (PMM  )

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Arcturus7|PMM is an innovative 'knowledge base' website for Product Management professionals - Business Directors, Entrepreneurs, Product Managers, Market Development Managers and Functional areas have complimentary access to a superlative collection of 'best practice' methods, tools and processes.


The Product Management Methodology (PMM™) framework is a robust, holistic approach to Product Management. The structure itself is entirely flexible and ensures a perfect fit/alignment to virtually any size company, from individual entrepreneurs to the large corporate entity. In practice, it's good to know that even if you are managing a single product or a large dynamic portfolio with hundreds or even thousands of products, it's the same generic framework methodology, the rationale remains robust and valid - essentially making the framework future proof. Furthermore, for the ultimate level of process flexibility, you have direct access to individual 'PMM - Elements' where you can dip in and out of the individual tools and as and when required.



  • A gateway to a portfolio of innovative products and professional services for Business, Education and Commerce.


  • 100+ fully supported Products / Services for Strategic Thinkers, Innovators and Direction Setters.


  • strategic modelling to analyse scenarios with clarity and purpose you will find it here.

  • a pro-collection of deskpad planners for that added visual inspiration / strategic alignment.

  • 1-1 consultancy services - we offer a unique 'on-demand' Product Management consultancy service (flexible and totally confidential)




'...a superlative portfolio of innovative 'Products and Services' designed to meet the rigours and requirements of modern Product Management'